Sister Talk

Okay, I’m officially excited My fabulous sister, Kathleen has agreed to the the line with me at a 5K

We are officially registered, Watch out people, these sisters are gonna rock this race.  And of course I do mean “rock”…to the cool tunes in our heads err on our IPods.

No guarantees the race photos will be as primped and staged as the above, and there may be a bit more sweat….;)

Cause I know you wanna join us, the race is the North Shore Cancer Run/Walk on June 24, 2012.  And no worries, I called the race director myself to make sure we are among the first 300 registrants, a t-shirt less Christine is a snarky Christine.  Trust me. She not only assured me tech t-shirts will soon be ours, she told me to check out a pic of the fab shirts on Facebook!

So my sis is seriously amazing and this will be her 1st road race.  Which means as of 6/24/12 she will be toeing the line with me forevermore as she will be converted into the road racing cult club.  Awesomeness.


Speaking of my fab sis, she is about to take off for a 2 week volunteer trip to Mexico, yeah she rocks.  So, happy trails, Kathleen! Recruit some little kids to run the street with you in Mexico!


Monday monday

I have Mondays off.  I know, you hate me, sorry.  I have a rocking schedule. 🙂
I started the morning with a nice swim.  It’s AMAZING how much more enjoyable swimming is when you can breathe out of your nose! Thank you flonase!

Who needs makeup when you have sexy nose spray?

I made a try friend in the pool, which completely rocks. I am always looking for people who actually know what they are doing experienced tri-heads to talk to.  My new friend thinks that I should put the cages back on my pedals and loose the clips until my ankle is strong- I happen to agree-the idea of ankle-weakness induced road rash is less than appealing.   Originally the nice man at the bike shop I go to told me that I shouldn’t go backwards like that…I think he failed to realize that I might actually FALL backwards (almost impossible, but I am up to the challenge) if I try to go at this thing with the clips.  Plus, my new tri-guru said I should, so there, bike-shop man!!!I think I might get on that pedal exchange in the next couple weeks.  After all, I can ride outside in a near 5-6 weeks! 🙂
After the pool I went grocery shopping.  I do believe market basket is trying to seduce me…


as if that wasn’t enough, the icing on the cake…$0.99/lb grapes
I may have bought a few….thousand
MB sure does know the way to my heart.
Now if only Mr. Sunshine would find the way to Phoenix’s heart
This sun-worshipping pup clearly needs some more rays!
I hope you have a Marvie-Monday!

Swimming situations

Why hello there!

So, I hit the pool bright and early this morning I have to say I think I am going to have to do that more often because I seriously got the hero’s welcome! I guess people noticed I went from swimming every day (post-epic-sprain) to not swimming at all! In a nutshell, I got swimming burnout, or wash-out. (Is that funny, or is it just me?)  Now I am happy to hit the lanes since the that pool is no longer a sentence I must serve in order to get my blood pumping.  Well, more like slap the water….which brings me to my confusion of the day- it seems like my swimming form actually gets better the more tired I get.  Is this just because I am less concerned with DROWNING (in a 5 ft pool) and more concerned with getting to the wall?  Seriously, I struggle for air, huff and puff and feel like my lungs are going to explode for the first antelope through zebra but by the time I am on wallaby for the second time I am cruising. I have totally geeky thoughts about aspirating chlorine water and how much my lungs can really handle….yah, total nerd 😉

So, of course this realization makes me think I am simply built to race longer triathlons. I mean, if I actually need a warm up to not look like I need lifeguard assistance, I must be a regular fish, right? Seriously though, do you think that I am just able to get out of my own head when my muscles are crying out and my body does what it does naturally all day and JUST BREATHES?

I am still debating on what training plan to adopt  -should I shoot for the 70.3?  Will I be over my fear of death my bilateral breathing by September.  (Perhaps I’ll actually be a little more coordinated…;))  This evening when I was lifting some pretty heavy weights (yeah, I’m a regular hulk) I was convinced that 70.3 glory will be mine…ahhh decisions decisions

True things

True things about today:

1. I am SOOOO proud of all my rockstar boston Marathon friends/colleagues/fellow-pavement pounders (AKA EVERYONE!!!) who ran today’s Boston Marathon what a hot day to run a rocking’ race.  Congratulations!!!!!

2. I think I forgot to wash the conditioner out of my hair this morning talk about silky smooth 😉

3.  Boston Marathon Day (aka Patriot’s Day- an official holiday in Massachusetts, although I still worked….) makes me crave, like crave it really hard…

4. I *MAY* have registered for  The Whaling City Triathlon  (sprint) July 1, 2012 in New Bedford…my money is on that I hit the “‘register” button…

5.  I joined the USAT and am now counting the days until I receive my first magazine

Question: Should I gear up and start a 70.3 training program or stick to an olympic training program???  I just can’t decide!

Animal counting and hammer pants

Good morning!!!

I am happy to say that tri-training is going just swimmingly (it’s okay, I know I’m hilarious ;))

I just got back in the pool this past week after a loooooooong hiatus.  I was swimming just about every day last summer when I originally hurt my ankle, then I totally burned out.  Now, 10 months after the original injury, I am ready to make amends with the chlorine.  It’s okay pool, it wasn’t you, it was me.

I am certainly no Amanda Beard out there though…in case you were wondering.

I can swim about 75m freestyle before I feel like my lungs are going to explode, and then I switch it up to 50m of either the ever-forgiving and comfy backstroke or breaststroke.  I keep this pattern going for about 1600m now.  I keep myself entertained in the pool by counting lengths (25m, in my pool) with the alphabet, naming each one an animal…(aardvark, baboon, cat…).  My favorite was “Valentine’s love vied.”  Can anyone think of an animal that begins with V?  I was gonna try food but then I got really hungry and heard the luna bar in my bag calling my name….50m in. 😉

I usually finish off my swim sesh with a good 30-45 mins of water running with my sweet aqua-belt-watch out fashionistas, there’s a new icon in town.

So, yesterday morning I was sweating it out at the gym, totally loving the arc trainer for its running-like qualities and actually thinking “man, I am really coming back from this ankle thing hardcore-watch out people” (mild sarcasm, I tend to get really happy over small things and right now I consider 45 in on the arc trainer a quasi- hurculean effort) when I realized I had my capris on backwards.   Ahhhhhhh, that’s why they are baggy in the front.  They aren’t hammer pants….”  Who’s the fashion icon again 😉

Alright mi amigos, I’m off for a sweet animal-counting swim sesh followed by a tunes-blasting swim.

Anyone have any playlist suggestions.  I kinda stink at keeping it updated and I sorta-by accident merged my “workout” playlist with my “mellow” playlist.   Jack Johnson and Frank Sinatra are great but they kinda make me want to pull my stationary bike over and take a nap!

Have a great day!


Hi there, so I know it has been forever-and-a-day since I last posted….I’m trying to finger out my bloggin rhythm.  I am constantly thinking of things that I want to put up here, but then I start wondering if what I consider to be oh-so-interesting actually warrants a post.  I guess that is what this is all about, right?  Any of you blogging roackstars have some advice for this bogging’ newbie?

This last month has been exciting on the ankle front-but more like exciting on the “big dream” front.  For those of you who don’t know me very well, I tend to set BIG goals…once upon a time I figured out I could run 6 miles without dying so I decided to sign up for a marathon 3 months away 🙂

I am all graduated from PT now, I don’t get a sweet diploma but I did walk away with strict marching orders to take things SLOW so I don’t end up back up on the PT table….talk about a challenge.  I determined that this task calls for cross training.  What better way for a run and goal-aholic to cross train than to train for a triathlon???  Y’all follow me here?  Oh, did I mention I’m still not running?  No more walk-jog for the time being, give that a few weeks.  Minor technicality…so minor.  Given that the good surgeon said no running outside until June I set my sights on an olympic tri in July and then a 70.3 in september.  Seems reasonable, right?  Well, my husband does not really think so.  In his oh-so-loving way he told me that I may want to scale things back a bit…..time shall tell.  He just *may* be right on this one-we’ll let the ankle decide 🙂

So, this wanna-be-triathete has decided she needs some tri friends! Dan man has said he may “SOMEDAY” do a sprint with me….enter sweet training partner I recreated Thursday. Sweet training partner is a little more practical than me and likes the sound of a sprint race better.  Sweet training partner, your wish is my command, we shall do a  sprint in July! More details to come, we are both stalking like it’s our job to find out dream race.  Any suggestions for great July sprint tris in New England? What about olympic distance in august? (And anyone wanna be my training partner for that one?)

Food and games

Happy Happy weekend!

I am PSYCHED to have zero plans this weekend!  It looks like a few friends might get together for a game day/night, which would be pretty great.  I’m not partially competitive, but I just LOVE playing games!  Since my trip to Colorado 2 weeks ago I have been really in to Skip-Bo.

Does anyone else remember this from elementary school?  In all honesty, the rules seemed totally confusing at first, but then we were like: “Okay guys, if 6 year olds can play this, I think we can figure it out!.”  So after some blood, sweat and tears (more like a few laughs and a couple of beers) we all became Skip-Bo aficionados and enthusiasts!  I’m hoping to convert some of my east coast pals to the Skip-Bo way of life tonight 😉


So I have had huge success with 2 dinners in a row! Wahoo!  Both Dan and I LOVED the Sweet potato chorizo enchilada casserole from “The Vegan Slow Cooker”.  It was super-easy to make; about 20 minutes prep time then 3 hrs on high in the slow cooker.

I used a mandolin to produce picture-perfect 😉 sweet potato slices

And I used this “Soyrizo” to produce the meaty texture Dan-man craves 😉

I knew I wouldn’t find it in my usual Market Basket trip, so we made a special trip to Stop-and-Shop to pick it up.  I’m not usually a huge fake meat fan, but this was pretty good!  Plus, Dan loved it and says he will eat the leftover casserole! Score!

Last night I made whole wheat american chop suey (with some TVP replacing the ground beef.)  This recipe is an oldie but goodie that Dan found a while ago.  I planned on cutting the recipe in half…but then I got a little over-enthusiastic in the ol’ pasta-pour and before I knew it we had a recipe fit for eight! There will be plenty of leftovers in our future! 🙂

…and maybe some Guinness 😉

Happy Weekend everyone!

Question of the Day:  What game(s) do you love to play?

Meet the pups


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Christmas in March

You would have thought it was Christmas morning watching me spring out of bed this morning! I was so excited to get to the gym and get my run (ahem, more like jog…or trot) on!   I banged out the workout my PT prescribed and then hopped on the bike for 15 minutes to round out the workout.  I’m working my way back into running slowly and building a solid foundation.  It’s a good thing my PT has a good head on his shoulders and sees the over-eager 5 yr old in my chomping at the bit! Here is my prescribed workout:

Walk for 5 minutes at a 3.8 pace, jog for 2 minutes at a 5.7 pace and repeat x 4 with a 2 minute cooldown.

I actually felt the burn in my quads (that are still sore from squats on tues at PT -did I mention I LOVE sore muscles) and actually felt a little soreness in my right ankle peroneals (little muscles on the outside of your ankle going up your leg.

No matter though, I beamed through the whole workout, especially the jogging part.  🙂

So now, after a yummy smoothie and some protein oats, I am ready to work!  Do you think the smirk I will be wearing all day will make the parents think I am up to something? 😉

Recipe for protein oats:

1/4 cup old fashioned oats

1/4 cup TVP

Lots of cinnamon

Dash of salt

About 3/4 cup to 1 cup water or almond milk

Scoop of peanut butter!

Heat for 2-3 minutes (depending how thick you like your oats -longer cooking =thicker because more fluid is absorbed) and enjoy!

Sorry about the lack of pictures, I’m still trying to figure that out….can anyone help me?

Question of the day -have you ever been so excited for a workout that you jump out of bed ready to go?

Back in the game!

I know what you are all thinking – how can she be BACK IN the game when this is a BRAND NEW blog???

Easy answer -I am back in the running game after a 9 month hiatus.  To make a long (and oh-so-boring) story short, I sprained my ankle for the millionth time in June of 2011.  This injury layer my up  big time.  I wasn’t able to get back to running, not even with Herculean physical therapy!   So, I had ankle reconstruction 11/28/12, have been a good little patient, and am now almost all healed up!

This week both my ankle surgeon and my fabulous PT have cleared me to jog on a treadmill.  I “ran” a whopping 4 minutes yesterday at PT and am slotted to go for up to 8 minutes tomorrow!  It’s amazing how 2 intervals of 5 minutes of walking an 2 minutes of jogging made me feel like a runner again.  I tell you, I sure did learn a lot about myself during this hiatus from pounding pavement -the biggest thing being that I LOVE RUNNING!  I just can’t wait to lace up my Brooks tomorrow and hit that treadmill.

I never thought I would find myself extolling the merits of a treadmill, but I am embracing it as my sole buddy (hahah, aren’t I funny? 😉 ) for the next 3 months until I am cleared to hit the road. Wish me luck!

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