Hi there! Thank so much for stopping by!

Joggin’ Happy is a place that I share my love and passion for running, fitness, nutrition, health and  doggies, (mine, in particular ;))  I will chronicle my road back to running from a 9 month hiatus after a nasty ankle injury and ankle reconstruction.

Now about me ….

I am a 20- something gal living in the ‘burbs of Boston.  I work as a pediatric nurse practitioner in a pediatric office and LOVE IT!  What that means for you, as the reader, is that I am still re-learning to write in REAL prose and not partial sentences (such as “Ear pain x 2 weeks.” Where’s the verb? LOL)

I live with my fabulous hubby and 2 crazy dogs.  I’m a veg head (a vegetarian, but I eat mostly vegan) and he is a die-hard meat eater.  I LOVE trying to find/come up with meals that will satisfy us both.  You will be hearing plenty of that.  Anyone else in the same boat?

Thanks so much for stopping in! Have a great day!



  1. This is
    terrific!! Love the format..love the pix !!! You got your mandolin !!! xoxo kprn

  2. I live in the “really far out” burbs of Boston, but commute into Boston, I just found your blog by stalking almost all of the bloggers on foodie pen pals, blame the lean green bean for suggesting it. My man has Burrsitis, when he first came home he said it was Bruce-sitis. So now every time it acts up we sing, “Don’t Bring me Down Bruce.” By ELO.

    • LOL I LOVE “Bruce-itis” one of my co-worker’s hubby is named Bruce so I will think of this all the time! 🙂
      Thanks for checking me out, I will try to figure out how to send you a message as we are fellow mass holes and foodie pen pals! I grew up north of Boston and moved south, a truly crazy move 😉

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