Easton Children’s Museum Father’s Day Road Race

I guess it’s time for a recap of my return to road racing…seeing as though it happened about 3 weeks ago. 🙂

I jumped back on the pavement with the Easton Children’s Museum Father’s day Road Race.  It’s a nice little local race put on to benefit a really cute and wonderful local children’s museum right in the center of a neighboring town.  A lot of my little patients love it there, so supporting it sounded like a great idea to me! 🙂

The race was on Father’s Day (Duh!)  The night before I was up a little late watching the New England Revolution Game from a sweet presidential box…

now a bad view

I bought Danny season tickets to the Revs (New England’s Soccer team) last year for his b-day.  He has played soccer practically since he could walk, so you can imagine the gift was a win 🙂

Our seats are usually right down by the field in a corner, but our season ticket rep. was holding an appreciation event and upgraded us that night.  It was great! There was a TON of free food and access to plenty of adult refreshments.  Sounds like the perfect prelude to my first road race in about 1.5 years, right? 🙂  Let me just say that we had a blast and stayed up past our bedtime.

The next morning I woke up under the cloak of darkness and got ready for what became an epic day in my running life.  I decided on a cutsie outfit, I love running skirts and was feeling very pink that day. I always wear compression socks when I run.  I have a herniated right calf muscle and they hold it in so well. Plus, they keeps my ankle nice and comfy.

Now pay attention to this high quality outfit shot, it will be important later.

Like he self-portrait taken in the dark? What a good wifey I am, letting my main man sleep. 😉

It was pretty hot and humid on race day. I definitely felt it, that probably had something to do with the Harpoon IPAs from the night before.

The course was nice and a little hilly at times.  It was a nice small town race, with volunteers at every turn and guys yelling out splits from their stopwatches at the mile markers (well, at least 3 of them :))  We ran through a lot of nice neighborhoods and there were a lot of families out on their lawns watching and cheering.  I had a blast the whole race and thanked every volunteer, police officer and spectator.  I high-fived little kids and took a water cup from 2 adorable little girls who had set up a legit lemonade stand equipped with dixie cups of water.

I knew I was running slow, but I didn’t care.  I was having fun and enjoying the atmosphere.  Around mile 3.5, while I was busy jamming out to my tunes, I heard a guy yell out something about my outfit.  I don’t want to ask him to repeat himself so I smiled and laughed and yelled “thanks!”  I figured one of those responses must have been appropriate for his comment.

I made a friend in the final 1/4 mile.  This older man wanted to race me to the finish.  Usually I am GAME ON for this type of festivity, but I was SO not feeling it.  I told him that I thought he had a way better kick than me and he should book it.  I finished about 20 seconds behind him.

Picture this: me, hunched over, unable to breathe and wondering if I am gonna throw up.  What is the last thing you would expect to happen at that juncture? How about the local news reporter calling me over to interview me.  Yeah, that happened.  I believe she said, “Hey, number 91, can you come over here? I know you can’t breathe or walk but I want to interview you.  I love your outfit and we all know that, for me, it’s all about the outfit.”  So, I may have just run one of my slowest and most dead-legged races, but I was about to be famous (well in this nice little town, that is.)  The lady was shocked to hear about my bargain shopping skills.  Skirt at Marshalls, shirt at Target? What what?  I think she was hoping it was all Lululemon or Gucci.

I ran into the guy who yelled about my outset during the race, turns out he was saying that the reporter was going to love it.

I stuck around after to mingle, eat, drink and check out my results.

Ahhhh, my results.  9:33 miles.  Well, good news is that I won.  The 70-99 year age group, that is.  The powers that be at this race think I am 74.  I made about a gazillion friends what I was trying to sort this all out and make sure that I wasn’t loosing my mind.  I also made it to the volunteers announcing the winners just in time to prevent my name from being called, stealing the glory from some nice old lady, and succumbing to a lifetime of questioning about how I stay looking so young.

All in all, it was a great return to racing.  I was interviewed by a TV reporter, told I am a good dresser (amazing) and I won…sort of.  If this race was any indication of how my racing’s going to go from here on out I should start selling tickets because it will be hilarious!

Epic, my friends, simply epic.


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