Inspired by my personal sweaty idol, Emily at Sweat Once a Day I am going to throw my goals out there in cyber space.  For me this means not only giving every one else a glimpse at my crazy-train thinking, but also a great amount of accountability.  That accountability can sometimes be lacking in my world because I don’t really have a lot of crazy-train friends  who want to sweat it out with me.  In fact, they look at me with fear when I talk of things like marathons and triathlons.

So, here are my goals:

1.  Make some active running/tri friends.  I’ll still continue to try to convert all my buds but this may be the best way to have training partners who sod not need extreme bribery 😉

2.  Complete the Whaling City sprint tri 7/1/12 –

Training has been scattered. I’m still figuring out how much the good ol’ ankle can handle. All that being said, I will complete this race and it is going to rock!

3.  Do an olympic tri sometime in the next 10 months.  That means either an end of season race this year or one at the beginning of the season next year. To be honest, the timing of completing this goal all depends on swimming.  Which brings me to goal #3

4.  Become a stronger swimmer.  Strategy in process -any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

just keep swimming 🙂

5.  Do a 70.3 next season, hopefully early season, but any time will do 🙂

….which means more pretty bike rides 🙂

East Bay bike path, Rhode Island

6. 2 year goal- 140.6.  That’s right, I will do this.  I can’t wait.

….and more gorgeous rides….

More East Bay Bike Path

7. Train for and complete the Hartford Marathon 10/13/12 and stay INJURY FREE.  That is the key.  It will be my very first injury-free marathon training cycle.  I’ll train smart, foam roll, stick it up, take rest days, strength train and drink snake venom (okay, maybe I won’t do one of those, take your guess ;))

My mantra, don’t be overwhelmingly concerned if you you see me chanting to myself….

What are your goals?

I have one friend jumping on the crazy train, who else is with me?



  1. I’m a terrible swimmer, but I think Dory’s got a good plan for you. If you just keep swimming you’ll get there! Practice makes perfect!!!

    • Haha, thanks. I think you’re right, I should take more advice from cartoon characters, things always end up working out for them 🙂

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