I’mmmmm Back!

So I haven’t been around much lately because I have been  on the move! That’s right, I am actually RUNNING, BIKING, KAYAKING and sort-of-swimming 😉

It feels so so so nice to be back.  I started running outside 2 weeks ago after a hiatus of almost 1 year.

Yes, I was so excited that I took a picture of myself  in the bathroom, please don’t judge.

And I took a picture of my feet….perhaps a little overboard

The first run felt fantastic just because I was back at it.  That being said, RUNNING IS HARD! I forgot what it felt to pound pavement in crazy humidity.  I was a wee bit nervous about how my body would react, so I channeled my PT hero and stopped and stretched at the turn around point every run.   That is….until today….

The running Gods were with me.

I ran 3 miles nonstop.

I hit my stride.

I am on top of the world.

I think I may register for a fall marathon.

Call me crazy all you want, I mean what person in their right mind decides that running 3 miles=being able to run 26.2. Does not compute.  Well, that is just how I roll, so get used to it. 😉

Hartford is looking pretty good.  It’s 2 hours away and it just so happens to be the weekend before my sister-in-law’s wedding.  I think it’s meant to be .  Has anyone done it?

I hope you have a happy Tuesday!  My next post will be about try-ing to be ready for that little race in 1 month… 😉

What races do you have on your calendar?



  1. I will Hop on your Crazy Train, Since we are both Boston’ish Gals, I was considering doing a 5K in September and making that my end of year goal, But why not blow that out of the water and do the Half.

    • Do it girl! All aboard the crazy train! I love the goal! You can so do a half! 🙂 Where are you in the Boston area?

      • I live in Lancaster but spend most of my waking hours in Newton. ( I udes to live in Dedham. I will email you ( i have your email from the Foodie Pen pals list)

  2. used, typing is killing me today, first three attempts at that comment were in caps, I am going to go workout and de-stress.

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