Tread on Fred

Good morning everyone! Happy Happy Friday to you all! 🙂

I am so pleased to let y’all know that I am back on the gold ol’ (tred)mill again! I week ago I LITERALLY cried tears of joy after my first run-walk workout.  I guy on the ‘mill next to me tried to run, but then he realized he wasn’t getting any further away from the crazy emotional lady.

SOOOO excited

I am being smart and working up gradually. That being said, ALL I want to do is book it out my front door and pound through a solid 6 mile fast run.  Seeing as though that would either: a) kill me; or b) make me cry tears of sorrow as I don the boot again, I have decided to be smart.  Amazing, I know.

I am trying to treat running like a new relationship, and always leave the ‘mill wanting more.  Earlier I typed (fred) mill by mistake, perhaps I can name MY treadmill Fred.  It’s easier to concoct a relationship with a piece of exercise equipment if I can refer to it by name.  Fred and I may have a complicated pass, but worked through it and look forward to running into the sunset together. 🙂

My run-walk interval is always 7 mins (because that is what amazing PT orders).  I started with 2 mins of running ar 9:40 pace and 5 mins of walking x 3.  Yes, that is the workout that brought tears of joy to this weirdo’s eyes.  Now I am up to 4 mins of running at 9:13 pace and 3 mins of walking x 5.  I think I may have floated through my day yesterday on one killer runner’s high.

Today, I will be floating through the day on this

I run on ‘backs

Times two, I know, I’m badass

Now let me leave you with a happy doggy image, sometimes they like to sleep together.  Not weird at all, trust me;)

snuggle time for puppies

What makes you smile or float through your day?


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