Joint Respect

I dream big.  I think it is one of my best qualities and also one of my downfalls. You see, the problem is that my aspirations are often way ahead of my body, 70.3 miles ahead, in fact…

For those of you taking bets on if I will do a 70.3 in September you better contact your bookies now- SPOILER ALERT!

Christine + 70.3 in 2012= NOT GONNA HAPPEN

After lots of serious thought and multiple people trying to talk sense into my thick skull I have decided to push that goal to next year.  I think what really did it for me was the realization last week that I was not able to do any of the 3 required sports.  I mean, details details.  Beween my knee bursitis and my recovering ankle I was not running or biking at all, and as you all know I had a hard time swimming without feeling like I was going to drown.

Could I complette a 70.3 in September? Probably.  My will is strong and one I dedicate myself to a goal I don’t give up.  Would said 70.3 be pretty? Probably not!  Would my training cycle be full of smiles, puppy dogs and frolics through the field? Most def. not! I am sure I would have my share of training-induced rage at the silly bike seat that won’t stay in place, the man who thinks it is okay to use MY treadmill (half joking ;)) and the worst word of all- injury.

My bod does not agree with rapid increase in training.  My lungs and heart are balls-to-the-walls all in, but my joints always seems to stage a rebellion.  Bursitis is case and point.

So, at the ripe old age of 29 amI finally learning to respect my body?  I sure hope so, otherwise I am backing off for no reason at all!  I realized I can have a great summer doing sprint tris (and maybe an olympic!) and shorter running races.  I mean, if I am smart, I can come back so much stronger.  Maybe I’ll even pick up some speed along the way.  After all, I sure would love to qualify for Boston in the next couple years.

The idea of a fall marathon is still on the table….:)

What mage you learn to respect your body?

Have you ever changed your training/racing plans for your brain/joints and not your heart? 

Now let me leave you with a fun dog pic- I think this is Brie looking into my soul….

I see you


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