A Revolutionary Birthday

For Dan’s birthday we went on a day trip to Jersey, with a bunch of smelly soccer fans, yeah, I know, that’s love 😉  We have season tickets to the New England Revolution and

A few images from the celebration:

Circa 7:30AM, on a Greyhound with a whole crew of soccer fans….

no, the guy in the back didn’t photo bomb, that’s our friend Brian 🙂

We weren’t quite sure what to expect for the bus ride down, I mean we brought a cooler packed with a few essentials for soccer-viewing and birthday-celebrating

As the bus crowd got rowdy we realized that it WAS almost noon in London, so, if we wanted the Revolution to kick some Red Bull bootay we really should start to celebrate like true English soccer fans…

Happy Birthday Dan!

Too bad the soccer Gods didn’t appreciate our sacrifice the Revs lost 1-0, even though they controlled the ball for more than 60% of the game.

I guess the Revolution fans have quite a history at Red Bull arena, a history that earned us our own security guards and escorts out of the stadium, yeah we’re bad ass. Too bad I don’t have a picture – but it’s being kept as evidence I forgot to take one


Dan SWEARS he saw Snookie…

There she is, antagonizing us Revs fans.  Those security guards had to hold me back…


So, the Revs lost, but we still had a blast.  We arrived back at Gillette around midnight, piled in our cars, and mourned our loss.  Oh,  and lets just say those smelly fans were even smellier on the way home…not to mention that room in the back of the bus!


Have you even taken an epic bus trip?


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