Just a couple typical scenes at my house in the morning

"I love you, let's watch the sunrise together"

Just a couple dogs in the window, nbd.

Oh, and th sweet caffeine inside

ice, ice, baby

Good thing I bout that frozen edamame, or else how would I freeze my knee with that pesky burrrrr-sitis?  😉  As I am the master of strange injuries, I managed to develop a whomping bursitis on monday evening without any known cause! I mean, one could reason that it was from that awesome, heart pumping, sweat-pourin bike ride I took monday night, but come on now, that is just pure speculation…

So being a good little patient (a concept that is totally new to me since the epic ankle sprain becomes big-ol’ surgery of 2011), I took Tuesday completely off and consulted my trusty PT on Wednesday.  Trusty PT not only confirmed that my knee is strange (not to mention the rest of me ;)) he told me to lay off the bike until at least Monday.  Okay, trusty PT, this new patient patient can comply with those orders.

It has been an interesting week of attempting to swim back to back days.  My shoulders are so tired! I asked my new tri-guru what strengthening exercises he likes to do to be a better swimmer.  He told me he hasn’t found any good ones!  Tri-guru, I am going to give you another chance or two, but your status as “the-be-all-and-end-all of triathlon advice” is being called seriously into question.

What exercises have all you swimmers found helpful?

Oh, and how to you keep from feeling like you are going to drown because the water makes you temporarily forget how to breathe? Oh, that’s just me, ok.

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m gonna go hit up the gym while the birthday Dan-Man is still in dreamland.  That’s right, it’s Dan’s birthday and the celebration started yesterday at approximately 6:45AM.  More details to follow! Have a great day!




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