Sister Talk

Okay, I’m officially excited My fabulous sister, Kathleen has agreed to the the line with me at a 5K

We are officially registered, Watch out people, these sisters are gonna rock this race.  And of course I do mean “rock”…to the cool tunes in our heads err on our IPods.

No guarantees the race photos will be as primped and staged as the above, and there may be a bit more sweat….;)

Cause I know you wanna join us, the race is the North Shore Cancer Run/Walk on June 24, 2012.  And no worries, I called the race director myself to make sure we are among the first 300 registrants, a t-shirt less Christine is a snarky Christine.  Trust me. She not only assured me tech t-shirts will soon be ours, she told me to check out a pic of the fab shirts on Facebook!

So my sis is seriously amazing and this will be her 1st road race.  Which means as of 6/24/12 she will be toeing the line with me forevermore as she will be converted into the road racing cult club.  Awesomeness.


Speaking of my fab sis, she is about to take off for a 2 week volunteer trip to Mexico, yeah she rocks.  So, happy trails, Kathleen! Recruit some little kids to run the street with you in Mexico!


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