Monday monday

I have Mondays off.  I know, you hate me, sorry.  I have a rocking schedule. 🙂
I started the morning with a nice swim.  It’s AMAZING how much more enjoyable swimming is when you can breathe out of your nose! Thank you flonase!

Who needs makeup when you have sexy nose spray?

I made a try friend in the pool, which completely rocks. I am always looking for people who actually know what they are doing experienced tri-heads to talk to.  My new friend thinks that I should put the cages back on my pedals and loose the clips until my ankle is strong- I happen to agree-the idea of ankle-weakness induced road rash is less than appealing.   Originally the nice man at the bike shop I go to told me that I shouldn’t go backwards like that…I think he failed to realize that I might actually FALL backwards (almost impossible, but I am up to the challenge) if I try to go at this thing with the clips.  Plus, my new tri-guru said I should, so there, bike-shop man!!!I think I might get on that pedal exchange in the next couple weeks.  After all, I can ride outside in a near 5-6 weeks! 🙂
After the pool I went grocery shopping.  I do believe market basket is trying to seduce me…


as if that wasn’t enough, the icing on the cake…$0.99/lb grapes
I may have bought a few….thousand
MB sure does know the way to my heart.
Now if only Mr. Sunshine would find the way to Phoenix’s heart
This sun-worshipping pup clearly needs some more rays!
I hope you have a Marvie-Monday!

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