Swimming situations

Why hello there!

So, I hit the pool bright and early this morning I have to say I think I am going to have to do that more often because I seriously got the hero’s welcome! I guess people noticed I went from swimming every day (post-epic-sprain) to not swimming at all! In a nutshell, I got swimming burnout, or wash-out. (Is that funny, or is it just me?)  Now I am happy to hit the lanes since the that pool is no longer a sentence I must serve in order to get my blood pumping.  Well, more like slap the water….which brings me to my confusion of the day- it seems like my swimming form actually gets better the more tired I get.  Is this just because I am less concerned with DROWNING (in a 5 ft pool) and more concerned with getting to the wall?  Seriously, I struggle for air, huff and puff and feel like my lungs are going to explode for the first antelope through zebra but by the time I am on wallaby for the second time I am cruising. I have totally geeky thoughts about aspirating chlorine water and how much my lungs can really handle….yah, total nerd 😉

So, of course this realization makes me think I am simply built to race longer triathlons. I mean, if I actually need a warm up to not look like I need lifeguard assistance, I must be a regular fish, right? Seriously though, do you think that I am just able to get out of my own head when my muscles are crying out and my body does what it does naturally all day and JUST BREATHES?

I am still debating on what training plan to adopt  -should I shoot for the 70.3?  Will I be over my fear of death my bilateral breathing by September.  (Perhaps I’ll actually be a little more coordinated…;))  This evening when I was lifting some pretty heavy weights (yeah, I’m a regular hulk) I was convinced that 70.3 glory will be mine…ahhh decisions decisions


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