Animal counting and hammer pants

Good morning!!!

I am happy to say that tri-training is going just swimmingly (it’s okay, I know I’m hilarious ;))

I just got back in the pool this past week after a loooooooong hiatus.  I was swimming just about every day last summer when I originally hurt my ankle, then I totally burned out.  Now, 10 months after the original injury, I am ready to make amends with the chlorine.  It’s okay pool, it wasn’t you, it was me.

I am certainly no Amanda Beard out there though…in case you were wondering.

I can swim about 75m freestyle before I feel like my lungs are going to explode, and then I switch it up to 50m of either the ever-forgiving and comfy backstroke or breaststroke.  I keep this pattern going for about 1600m now.  I keep myself entertained in the pool by counting lengths (25m, in my pool) with the alphabet, naming each one an animal…(aardvark, baboon, cat…).  My favorite was “Valentine’s love vied.”  Can anyone think of an animal that begins with V?  I was gonna try food but then I got really hungry and heard the luna bar in my bag calling my name….50m in. 😉

I usually finish off my swim sesh with a good 30-45 mins of water running with my sweet aqua-belt-watch out fashionistas, there’s a new icon in town.

So, yesterday morning I was sweating it out at the gym, totally loving the arc trainer for its running-like qualities and actually thinking “man, I am really coming back from this ankle thing hardcore-watch out people” (mild sarcasm, I tend to get really happy over small things and right now I consider 45 in on the arc trainer a quasi- hurculean effort) when I realized I had my capris on backwards.   Ahhhhhhh, that’s why they are baggy in the front.  They aren’t hammer pants….”  Who’s the fashion icon again 😉

Alright mi amigos, I’m off for a sweet animal-counting swim sesh followed by a tunes-blasting swim.

Anyone have any playlist suggestions.  I kinda stink at keeping it updated and I sorta-by accident merged my “workout” playlist with my “mellow” playlist.   Jack Johnson and Frank Sinatra are great but they kinda make me want to pull my stationary bike over and take a nap!

Have a great day!



  1. cracking up at the hammer pants

    • lol, thanks! I cracked up at myself when I realized I was styling’ like M.C.

  2. Kathleen

    You just earned yourself a pair of hammer pants

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