Hi there, so I know it has been forever-and-a-day since I last posted….I’m trying to finger out my bloggin rhythm.  I am constantly thinking of things that I want to put up here, but then I start wondering if what I consider to be oh-so-interesting actually warrants a post.  I guess that is what this is all about, right?  Any of you blogging roackstars have some advice for this bogging’ newbie?

This last month has been exciting on the ankle front-but more like exciting on the “big dream” front.  For those of you who don’t know me very well, I tend to set BIG goals…once upon a time I figured out I could run 6 miles without dying so I decided to sign up for a marathon 3 months away 🙂

I am all graduated from PT now, I don’t get a sweet diploma but I did walk away with strict marching orders to take things SLOW so I don’t end up back up on the PT table….talk about a challenge.  I determined that this task calls for cross training.  What better way for a run and goal-aholic to cross train than to train for a triathlon???  Y’all follow me here?  Oh, did I mention I’m still not running?  No more walk-jog for the time being, give that a few weeks.  Minor technicality…so minor.  Given that the good surgeon said no running outside until June I set my sights on an olympic tri in July and then a 70.3 in september.  Seems reasonable, right?  Well, my husband does not really think so.  In his oh-so-loving way he told me that I may want to scale things back a bit…..time shall tell.  He just *may* be right on this one-we’ll let the ankle decide 🙂

So, this wanna-be-triathete has decided she needs some tri friends! Dan man has said he may “SOMEDAY” do a sprint with me….enter sweet training partner I recreated Thursday. Sweet training partner is a little more practical than me and likes the sound of a sprint race better.  Sweet training partner, your wish is my command, we shall do a  sprint in July! More details to come, we are both stalking like it’s our job to find out dream race.  Any suggestions for great July sprint tris in New England? What about olympic distance in august? (And anyone wanna be my training partner for that one?)


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