Food and games

Happy Happy weekend!

I am PSYCHED to have zero plans this weekend!  It looks like a few friends might get together for a game day/night, which would be pretty great.  I’m not partially competitive, but I just LOVE playing games!  Since my trip to Colorado 2 weeks ago I have been really in to Skip-Bo.

Does anyone else remember this from elementary school?  In all honesty, the rules seemed totally confusing at first, but then we were like: “Okay guys, if 6 year olds can play this, I think we can figure it out!.”  So after some blood, sweat and tears (more like a few laughs and a couple of beers) we all became Skip-Bo aficionados and enthusiasts!  I’m hoping to convert some of my east coast pals to the Skip-Bo way of life tonight 😉


So I have had huge success with 2 dinners in a row! Wahoo!  Both Dan and I LOVED the Sweet potato chorizo enchilada casserole from “The Vegan Slow Cooker”.  It was super-easy to make; about 20 minutes prep time then 3 hrs on high in the slow cooker.

I used a mandolin to produce picture-perfect 😉 sweet potato slices

And I used this “Soyrizo” to produce the meaty texture Dan-man craves 😉

I knew I wouldn’t find it in my usual Market Basket trip, so we made a special trip to Stop-and-Shop to pick it up.  I’m not usually a huge fake meat fan, but this was pretty good!  Plus, Dan loved it and says he will eat the leftover casserole! Score!

Last night I made whole wheat american chop suey (with some TVP replacing the ground beef.)  This recipe is an oldie but goodie that Dan found a while ago.  I planned on cutting the recipe in half…but then I got a little over-enthusiastic in the ol’ pasta-pour and before I knew it we had a recipe fit for eight! There will be plenty of leftovers in our future! 🙂

…and maybe some Guinness 😉

Happy Weekend everyone!

Question of the Day:  What game(s) do you love to play?


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