Meet the pups

Good morning everyone! 

I think it’s high time you meet my puppies, or what I like to call them, “7 legs of fun.”

First up – Brie

Brie comprises 3 of the 7 legs of fun.  She is a hilarious, 4-year old black lab mix.  The jury’s still out on what she is mixed with -any guesses? We adopted Brie from a dog rescue in Georgia when she was 11 months.  She lost one of her rear legs when she was 6 months old and we have never known her any other way.  The funny thing is -she is a BRUTE! I joke that if she was a human, she would be a star rugby player.  She has no idea she is a tripod and practically dares dogs to pull one over on her.  Don’t get me wrong, she is full of slobbery kisses and tons o’ love, but she is definitely no wallflower.  You know what I mean?  I think her nub may be a little camera-shy because I can’t seem to find a good photo showing her in all her triod glory.  No worries though, I will be sure to snag one soon. 🙂

Now that you have met Miss Thang, it it’s time to say hi to Phoenix.

“Hi Phoenix!”

This a picture of Phoenix the day we adopted him.  He is almost 2 yrs old and we adopted him about 1 year ago.  He came from the L.A.B. Rescue Network

Phoenix is a black lab-whippit mix.  He has giant paws like a lab but HATES the water! Our poor groomers need two people to hold him in the tub because he literally climbs on the side of the sink and UP THE WALL!

Notice wet Brie and a bone-dry Phoenix:

"Don't make me go in!!"

Phoenix has no idea that he is 50 pounds and about 5’6” on his hind legs and TRULY believes he is a lap dog.

The puppies are BFF and keep each other entertained. 

And love to cuddle

Look closely -there are 2 dogs in this photo! 😉

Alright everyone, time to get organized. I am gonna throw together a crock pot new recipe this morning from “The Vegan Slow Cooker” for Dan-Man and I to have tonight.  Let’s see how “Chorizo and Sweet Potato Enchilada Casserole” (with soy chorizo, of course) and salad holds up to my carnivorous husbands’ palate and appetite. 🙂  I’ll let you know.

Have a fabulous day!


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